Praise for Constance Hoffman:

The New York Times, A Midsummer Night's Dream:

"Constance Hoffman’s costumes...range from fancy cartoon court attire to fairy outfits that might have been fashioned from the underside of a mushroom."

The Guardian, Der Fliegande Hollander:

"Unselfconscious...Constance Hoffman's costumes fix the action firmly in the present."

The Telegraph, Billy Budd:

"Constance Hoffman's costumes evoke the early Soviet period...perhaps in a nod towards the co-producing Bolshoi Theatre."

San Diego Times, Billy Budd:

[The team's] vision of the ship as a prison for the living dead is furthered by the dark tones of ... Constance Hoffman's costumes."

Variety, The Green Bird:

"Constance Hoffman's beautiful costumes ... add to the dreamscape quality."